Some of you who have patiently read through all of our stories (hope we didn't put you to sleep!) and other sections on the website, have wondered what some of those abbreviations like SP and OG mean. So that you can understand the stories better, here they are:

AJC Anderson Junior College
BMT Basic Military Training (The first 3-6 months of basic in-camp training in NS)
EPL English Premier League (Every guy should know this! Ladies, this is not typo error for IPL..)
JC Junior College
kei peng This is hokkien language actually. It means "more rice or add rice"
MP Minister of Parliament
MRT Mass Rapid Transport (Train, for the non-locals)
NS National Service (What every Singaporean guy has to go through)
NTU Nanyang Technological University
OG Orientation Group
PS2 PlayStation 2 (I'm sure you know, but I'll list it)
RCC Revival Centre Church (where we attend church). Visit the website here
Sabo Singlish for: Sabotage, to play a trick or joke, or to betray or "play out" someone
SP Secret Pal (also commonly known as blind date)
Uni University (short form)