On 22 August 2001, we got engaged! It was a quiet ceremony held at Oscars, Conrad Hotel. At the end of the exquisite buffet, we exchange our engagement rings in the presence of my (Joel's) parents and Jason. Thanks J, our unofficial photographer, for taking photos during the course of the evening, though I must say, the focusing needs some focusing. :)

And how can we leave our friends out? With a little "probing" from Boon Teck, an engagement party was held from 18 - 20 Jan 2002. Where else but Sentosa (EDB Bungalow)! Had friends from NTU, NTU Hall 9, soccer friends, church, Lydia's NTU friends, JC friends, ICQ friends, and my family.

It was a real blast organising the whole event: the logistics, the planning, the designing... Thank you to all who came, to all who helped, for all the presents (love the lava lamp!) and for making it a memorable event! And especially thank you to you all for not sabo-ing us too! :D

Click here to see the engagement photos at Oscars.