7 March 2003 is our ROM Day! Why this day? Cos we liked the number 7 and 3: 7/3/03! Oh oh, one more anniversary date for me to remember! :P

The appointment is at 2pm, giving us the morning to prepare for the event: Renting a car, Lydia getting her make-over, picking up the flowers at Bugis and not forgetting picking up Lydia's parents, Australian auntie, eldest sis (Sonny) and youngest sis (Esther). Phew!

It is indeed surreal as we arrived at the Registries Of Marriages. In a few moment, we're going to be legally married! Of course the customary marriage is still sometime away, but legally married leh! Wow.

After confirming our arrival at the ground floor office, we proceed upstairs to the 2nd floor. Glad to have our friends here! My JC friends and NTU friends, and Lydia's NTU friends. After mingling around with them, the moment of truth reckons when the receptionist called out our names.

Hey, the wedding offical is the same one at Christina's ROM. We sat down in front of her and the 2 witnesses (our 2 dads) sat by the side. After a little procedure talk by her, the Tiffany wedding rings were produced and we were asked to stand up and face each other. We exchange our wedding vows and I proceed to place the wedding ring on her finger.

What the... try as I might, the silly ring is getting stuck at the finger's middle joint! For a moment, I was thinking if it is alright to leave it at the middle joint. Cannot lah, that will look silly! I continued to push and twist and finally after what felt like ages (in actual fact maybe about 10 seconds), the ring finally moved to the right position on her finger! Boy, what a relief! Thankfully, Lydia have no problem slipping on the ring on my finger.

"And now, you may kiss the bride" the official announced. Oh okay. I leaned forward towards Lydia and and was centimetres from kissing her lips... when she suddenly turned and gave me her left cheek! Stunned momentarily, I nonetheless proceed to kiss her on the cheek (I was later informed that we haven't rehearsed for this moment and she didn't know what to do with our parents and friends all watching! Aiyah!).

And it's over in like 5 minutes! We exit the room and Victor Ong, our photographer took some pictures before we proceed to Fort Canning Park for more photo-taking. I must say that Victor have taken some really nice pix. Thanks!

And it's high tea time at Equinox! It's a whooping $43+++ per pax but what the heck, we're happy to have all our family and friends to celebrate this happy occasion with us! Thank you all for coming! You know who you are!

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