About Her
Lydia is someone who likes cute things like Mashi Maro and Hello Kitty. In fact, she shares half her bed (used to!) with them. And in fact, during the McDonald's Hello Kitty craze, she and Joel actually camped overnight outside Jurong Point's McDonald's!

She is someone who looks quiet and demure, but if you know her, you'd be in for a surprise. She is pretty chatty, have a really sweet voice (sounds like singing), strong on her principles and beliefs, and can be quite stubborn and impatient.

She's nuts over TV serials (Hong Kong, Korean, Taiwanese) and can sit through endless of these soapy serials with its unbelievable, predictable storyline that makes Joel cringe in disbelief.

One thing she dislike is irresponsibility, procastination, Joel sitting too long in front of the computer, and smokers.

An Indonesian from Padang, she came to Singapore in 1999 and studied Accountancy in Nanyang Technological University. She is now a Singaporean.

Her ambition is to advance in her career and be a good and loving wife/mother.

Contact: [email protected]