About Him
The first impression that you have when you see him is that he is a shy guy. But if you know him better, you will be shocked by his mischievousness.

He is a simple and care-free person and takes life very easily. He likes to do things one at a time and this makes Lydia frustrated. He is also famous for doing things at the last minute, though fortunately, he always completes them. On the whole, he is a responsible, sensible and a gentle person.

He is crazy over computers. He currently has a Intel Core2 Duo 1.86GHz computer with 2GB DDR2 RAM, 250GB Harddisk, 17" LCD, 3D joystick and the impressive Logitech Momo Wheel! He can spend the whole day in front of the computer surfing the Net and playing computer games. In fact, the computer is like his mistress and dislikes being interrupted when playing computer games.

He likes movies, especially action and war movies. Sitting through such movies with him, Lydia will usually end up falling asleep.

His ambition is to own a Ferrari after getting a house. Will that day ever come, one wonders?

Contact: [email protected]