What would a wedding be without photographs for memories and for one to look back on?

The wedding studio photos for indoor and outdoor are taken by Bryan from Sophia Wedding Collection. They are a really friendly bunch of people. We'd highly recommend them! By pure coincidence (or wedding blessing), our wedding dress/gown designer, our wedding studio coordinator and our makeup artist, all 3 of them are pregnant!


The actual day photos for morning and evening are also taken by Bryan. Victor Ong (AJC friend) also helped to take candid and interesting angled photos, but these are not available. Geng Hui (Joel's cousin) also covered the evening event but these are not available as well.


For the photos from the wedding night activities in the hotel suite, the later part of the photos are taken by Joel. For the earlier sabo sessions, he can't remember who he has passed the camera to!


So what are you waiting for? Check them out in the wedding photo gallery