Note: Information are correct as of 5 Nov 2005 and will not be updated to retain the original feel. Some have become more handsome/prettier, some have gotten married/attached, and some already got babies!

Best Man - Tan Boon Teck
A humorous and witty guy who was my (Joel's) classmate in the class of 21/93 in Anderson JC. He still lives in self-denial of his existence in AJC, but that's another story.

My regular arcade game partner in our college days (we can finish the game with 1 token!), the craze for computer games brought us together again in the 1997 batch of NTU Computer Engineering. The uni days of fun, chilling out with our other crazy friends, supper and soccer (dun be deceived by his size ok!) will always be remembered. Thanks for pushing me to study (till Lydia took over your duty, that is)!

He's still single and available by the way. Ask him what's Goal 2010 if you've got the chance.


Maid of Honour - Janice Fong
Though we (Lydia & Janice) often see each other in church, we never really hit it off until one fine day we just clicked at a wedding dinner! She has since been my close friend where we share everything from shopping, latest news (gossips? :)) and fashion. She once went to 5 different Coach shops in the US just to help me get the bag I wanted! Thank you!

She's our church friend from Revival Centre Church. Come by one Sunday to hear her on the keyboard!

Groomsmen - Gabriel Ng, Ho Tzin Mein & Lim Kian Pang
Ah.. my NTU Computer Engineering friends..
(Update: Eric has pulled out and Kian Pang is the new guy!)

Gabriel is a real funky and crazy guy and he was also in the same squad as me during our NS 6 months BMT in the Police. He is also into Latin-dance, DJ, and an avid fan of bossa nova and progressive house music!

Tzin Mein is a real cool guy and is always checking out the gals in NTU. In the midst of exam fever, he once passed notes to a gal he fancies in the library! He is especially into rock music!

Without these two, my life in NTU would have been different (for better or worse? Haha!)! Thanks for the fun times and your support, especially during exams where we'd be studying together in the library. About the only rare times we visit the library!

New entry: Kian Pang (aka Golliwog) was introduced by Stonz (real name: Boon Teck) in Quake2. There we build our friendship without actually meeting in person for ages! Always with a smile, you can count on him for JB trips and movies. Unless they clash with his pilates! A movie fanatic, he's into anime too.

Bridesmaids - Anna Tan, Chin Hwee Ming & Adeline Soh
My dear girlfriends from NTU Accountancy...

I got to know Anna when we were in the same Computer project group in the first year. She's a really nice and easy-going gal, and always cheerful and laughing. She's single too, so do get to know her! Ask her about the "wet" 21st birthday present that we gave her in the hostel.

Hwee Ming was my project mate and we decided to be roommates in our final semester in NTU. That began a really fun time in Hall, with Anna as our next door neighbour! She is quite a sporty gal and loves diving too! Stingrays and sharks (fins) still end up in her stomach though.

Adeline may be a little quiet, but we just clicked in Linear Algebra in year two and became really close! Every semester after that, we'll always try to register in the same tutorial classes. Registration time can be really stressful! We'd be really nervous and "fight" with others to get into the same class! She's a really sweet and nice gal, but unfortunately she's taken already!

These gals really brighten up my uni days in the hostel & school. Thanks for the memories and friendship that we shared together in NTU.

Pastor - Reverend Tony Tan
Our church pastor Reverend Tony Tan (no, not the MP Tony Tan) never fails to keep me sustained and awake during his Sunday sermons. It's true, cos I'm really good at "hibernating"!

A lawyer before he left the worldly riches to follow God's calling, he is indeed very eloquent with words and speeches. Be captivated by his sermons, often sprinkled with interesting true stories and spontaneous hymn singing.
Come hear him speak on Sundays at our beloved Revival Centre Church!

It's a blessing to have him as our pastor and to have him officiate our solemnization cermony. God bless him and his family!

Worship Leader - Uncle Alan Koh
As our church worship leader, Uncle Alan stirs our hearts with his smooth and melodious voice.

Though married with 2 sons, he is still very youthful in heart. He once dislocated his shoulder while dancing at our church 40th anniversary!

If you want to know how Joel look like when he was young, take a look at his son Peter, who bears a close resemblance!

So come to RCC one Sunday to hear him sing (or to check out his son)!

Pageboys - Stevan & Hans
Stevan is the eldest son of Lydia's eldest sister Sonny. He's quite a smart boy. Dinosaurs & science are his favourite books.

Hans is the younger brother of Stevan. He is totally adorable and at the same time quite a terror too! Playing is what he does best! When Joel is in Padang, the two of them always play Metal Slug 3 (PS2) together while Hans' siblings are having tuition.
Flowergirls - Josephine, Carmen & Vannis
Josephine is the elder sister of Hans. She likes Barbie and all things sweet! 13 Barbie dolls and counting...

Carmen is the daughter of Lydia's 2nd sister Phebe. Barney used to be her favorite till she got to know Barbie from Josephine!

Vannis is Joel's niece (daughter of Cheung & Veron). She's very cute and can be quite shy initially. But once she warms up to you, she is really fun to play with!
Wedding Coordinator - Elin Tan
Elin's our friend and colleague in Tetra Pak. I can't remember how I got to know her, but it must be from chatting her up at the Reception. :P

A real sporty and friendly gal, she's got an amazing load of yummy goodies stuffed in her office drawers! It's like going to the $1.99 shop for candies!

And what luck! We're going to be neighbours when The [email protected] is completed in 2010. With her craze for powerhouse home theatre system, I'll be looking forward to this future neighbour!
Wedding MC - Christina Tan
Christina's a real ditzy and fun-loving gal that I got to know in AJC. How we got to know each other is quite a funny story, but those were the fun days with our other JC friends, Victor and Cindy.

Of all occupations, she became a teacher! But I figured if she can handle the kids, being an MC for my wedding must be a walk in the park. Thank you so much for agreeing!
Wedding MC - Jason Teo (my brother!)
What else can I say about him?

Thanks for all the fond childhood memories of fighting with each other, wearing identical clothings, and so-claimed whacking him with a feather-duster (which I seriously don't recall!).

We've shared the same bedroom since young, shared toys, played computer games together, and gone to the same school right up to JC! Life would have been lonely (and more peaceful!) without him.

Swingin' bachelor no more he will be next year. So all you single gals out there, please check out my swingin' Best Man instead. :)

Videographer - Victor Ng
A childhood friend from church, the first time we met was at our parents' bible study meeting. We will then eagerly look forward to these weekly meetings.. so that we can play Risk, Monopoly, Game Of Life and badminton! The silly "badminton" incident still makes me laugh. :)

From the fun childhood days of catching fish in the drain outside our church (when we should be in Sunday School actually!), the Sunday lunch-chats during my NS days, to talking about soccer these days, he is a good friend to have.

Chicken rice "kei peng" is his trade-mark, and oh! He's a teacher too!

Photographer - Victor Ong
At the Toa Payoh MRT platform I chanced upon him on my way to AJC every morning. This privileged guy was in the Arts class where the female to male ratio was like 10:1! What was I doing in the Science class??

Tall and lanky, he has put on some real mass and muscles now and is quite an artistic and creative guy. You can always count on his hearty laughter.

Musicians - Jared Fong & Joyce Teo
What's the number one sign that you've been watching too much EPL matches? When you start to pronounce "Jared" as "Gerrard" (Liverpool's Steven Gerrard)!

A tall and unassuming guy, Jared plays the guitar for our church worship service. He is the brother of Janice! Both of them are muscially talented.

Joyce plays the keyboard for our church worship service. She is another teacher in our circle. Too bad she is attached already, so you guys have to look somewhere else!
Ushers - Robin Wong & Sin Yee
Robin's a real nice guy. Perhaps due to his occupation as an army officer, he is still single! If you get to know him better, he can be quite a joker too. We grew up together in church and he's the same age as my brother.

Sin Yee... she's hyper sporty and has performed many times in dance theatres. She is also her own boss and makes cakes for a living. Her carrot cake is simply excellent! Yummy!